Celebration of Life - Kane Kwai Coffins

Wikitravel has been my favorite site these days having started to travel frequently to new places. I had taken a print out of the entire page on Accra, the capital city of Ghana. One of places mentioned was Kane Kwai Carpentary which me and my colleague Ridhima Jaiswal visited before leaving Accra for Tamale the next day.

We met Mr. Eric the grandson of the famous coffin maker, Kane Kwai who designed coffins starting with a cocoa fruit shaped coffin for one of the tribal chief Interestingly Coco Cola had made a video featuring Eric which tells the story of the coffins

Ghanians celebrate funeral in much of a grandeur and i had the opportunity to see 15 funerals being planned for the same day(3rd Dec 2011) Celebration of life; And Mr. Eric has already built his own coffin for the day. I'll continue editing this post to add on our conversation with Mr. Eric; But that has to wait.