Is User Journey is the most powerful service design tool?

This year marks the completion of 2 years working in the mAgri project. A good point to reflect on what was done and how things were done. mAgri gave me an opportunity to work in Sri Lanka on a very interesting and successful product.

GoviMithuru/Ulavarthozhan - Dialog [Write about the product]

User journey example

Why User journey works:

  1. It forces the team to think about the touch points that exist. This acknowledgment and putting it together in the linear forces us to think differently in silos. Marketing is not just worried about the first two parts of the design, it becomes everybody's responsibility to understand what is being done and how it impacts the product design work.
  2. When it is combined with PIW - Product Iteration Workshops, which we had every 3 months after the initial launch ensured the same set of people got to the problem and stayed connected with the product development process - this reduces the need to sell ideas hard and the biases when it comes from the top down. Most of the answers came from the Field Research - I have spent close to 70-80 days in the field during the two-year tenure

At the end of the project, I gave a Research Workshop where the team where keen to take the good job forward and really understood the benefits of user journey and thinking about Systems then siloed projects.