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UX Designer/ Researcher who believes in the power of iterative design led by understanding user needs with passion for travel.

Cocoa Farmer (9)


Design Manager, Chargebee


User Experience Consultant, Dialog GSMA mAgri Product, Sri Lanka on a very interesting project.


ENTERPRISE MOBILITY – Previously, I was leading the design of Retail Execution Field Sales tablet application for field executives in CPCG domain for Kony.com as Senior User Experience Designer. My work led to creation of mobile patterns(sorts, groups, filters) and components(refine, map modules) that were adopted for other enterprise mobile apps such as CRM, HR and Field Services. This involved extensive research on existing trends on both mobile and web with focus on quality animations/transitions improving user experience; led the design of MBaaS OnPremise portal working on an Agile model with a diverse team of technical product managers.

HEALTH – In 2011-12, I was with on a Open Source Health Information Management System, Raxa JSS EMR in New Delhi, India. As Implementation Lead, I designed and coordinated development and implementation at sites of Raxa Doctor(Tablet web app for multichannel) and other modules such as lab, pharmacy, patient facing. My responsibility as Implementation lead of the project involved gathering requirements and setting the right expectations with the various stakeholders of the various pilots.

I have 14+ years of experience in Contextual Design, User Interface and Experience Design in the field of Rural Indian mobile VAS, Mobile applications and services, and Social Web. I have created strategies for online promotion and social media for web businesses and managed execution to increase business profitability. Passionate about understanding the innate user needs and developing solutions by leveraging the latest technological advancements in Mobile telecom and Social web.

Since 2010, work and research has led me to different places and amazing experiences. I was first hired into Center for Knowledge Societies to help map consumer needs around mobile financial services, but was quickly pressed in to developing mobile application concepts to promote family planning in rural areas of India. For much of the past year I have been working on the underlying needs of new mobile adopters in diverse regions of the world, including Tamil Nadu and Bihar in India and Ghana in Africa. Most recently, I have been studying consumers’ need and attitudes towards alternative energy fuels, particularly for automobiles.

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Visual Story | Sathyan Velumani from Sathyan Velumani on Vimeo

I have lived and worked across India, Chennai->Kanpur->Chennai->Bengaluru->New Delhi(here now)!! India is truly beautiful with every single city and town as vividly different from another.


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  1. chiary&khushi Avatar

    congratsss man!!!!! u r loveable ;):-*
    gud luck for ur future… u ll become famous ;)!!!

  2. JM Rousset Avatar

    Hi Sathyan

    i just discover your site and I am very happy. I’ll let Eric know about it.
    If you are on Facebook, you are welcome to GhanaCoffin page… you can “like” it of course if you feel 🙂
    Would be nice to be in touch

    1. sathyan Avatar

      Thank you JM Rousset, I have liked his page. There are more pictures to share from my trip in 2010. Cheers!!

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