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  • Manufacturing need through design – Visit to IKEA

    Finally!! It was worth the wait. I had seen the construction of the building for a long time. The branding exercises with the autos were refreshing. All the autos had the IKEA blue. As designers, you understand the value of fonts in design and sometime TYPE is design. But, with IKEA you know it. Stepping […]

  • Adobe XD vs Invision + Sketch Combo

    Adobe has a exclusive mac preview of the much awaited designing + prototyping tool, Adobe Comet (now called Adobe XD). It is light and powerful and would be all that you need to quickly design a prototype for your mobile screens. It won’t replace illustrator or photoshop. You still need illustrator to create the graphics and […]

  • 2016.10.4 Notes and Thoughts – Pixel Launch and VR

    Google’s position to do the best AI, backed up by powerful search. Future of AI – Assistant Personalized Google for everyone Language ability 5 things Assistant HDR+, Photos – 89 DXO Mark, HDR+, Stabilization ON for videos – very good, Pixel Unlimited – free full version Storage – Unlimited native resolutions backup for Media Communication […]

  • Designed to Deceive – Mobile and Web Dark Patterns

    Newsletters – mostly from the brands desperately trying to make a sell have started to put “Re: lorem ipsum ” in the subject of the mailers. Unconsciously, I have clicked on these Re: mails only to close them without reading – knowing that I fell for it one more time. Is it ethnical to prey on the […]

  • Crows of Colombo

    One day,a crow visited our house, perched on the open window watched Parkavi cook. When I went near the kitchen, it flew away quickly. Parkavi started placing some food in the window rail, which the watchful crow would devour and quickly fly away. Few days passed and it got comfortable enough to come in arma distance […]

  • Product Design Report – Invision A great compilation of stats on the role of design in business today. If you are struggling hard to get your organization however small or big to be design-driven this report can help.

  • GSMA mAgri Design Toolkit

    The mAgri Design Toolkit is a collection of instructions, tools, and stories to help develop and scale mobile agriculture products by applying a user-centered design approach. I started working on the mAgri project as UX Consultant for Dialog mAgri Product, Sri Lanka. The project is live in 6 countries Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ghana […]

  • Katchatheevu – Our unplanned trip

    Our destination was yazhpanam, a weekend in jaffna visiting nainatheevu, jaffna fort, nallur temple and point pedro and return back to Colombo On the night of 19th March, we left home around 8.15 pm and rushed in a tuk tuk to board the train a minute before it left the station. It was a drizzling […]

  • Adobe Project Comet

    Like me, If you had started creating WFs (Wire frames) in Photoshop and then moved on to Visio and eventually end up hating it. Then excited by Axure with powerful interaction capabilities and realising it curtails your creativity. Adobe Comet would be something you would look forward to. We have all been there. Product managers wanting clickable prototypes for […]

  • Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak)

    15.30 We started our journey hopping on to the bus to Hatton. From Hatton, our plan was to take a bus to Maskeliya and then to Nallathaniya, to the base of the trail. The friendly conductor said he would point us to the Maskeliya bus once we reach Hatton. 20.30 Reached Hatton The conductor recommended us to take a tuk […]

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