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2016.10.4 Notes and Thoughts – Pixel Launch and VR

Google’s position to do the best AI, backed up by powerful search.
Future of AI – Assistant
Personalized Google for everyone
Language ability

5 things
HDR+, Photos – 89 DXO Mark, HDR+, Stabilization ON for videos – very good, Pixel Unlimited – free full version
Storage – Unlimited native resolutions backup for Media
Communication – Duo, Allo
VR – DreamView. Others phones in market to support it

Google Home – 1 for USD 129, 3 for USD 399
Chromecast connected to it
3 Home devices working in Sync – very interesting
Connected devices – Philips Hue, Nest, others

Spots broke the various sections of the event

What would google be if they don’t have a search? Proves – Organizing world information has its powerful benefits. The question is did Sergey and Page see this future when they started Google. Makes you wonder what technology today has this far reaching potential.

I understand the power for profiling users – whatever product/service you have.

Better Profile, better service

Its amazing how google continues to build your profile and in the future would know more about you than you could analyze. Is this a good thing?
We are trading our privacy for accessibility/comfort. I’m not able to comprehend the repercursions in the future.

Design notes

Change is inevitable; Products/Brands that evolve are here to stay!!

[still editing; if i wait for it to be perfect; it will never be ready to be a post!! And these are just my random notes about random things]

There are many great products this world has seen from the yester years, that has lost the battle to apple/android mostly because, they didn’t adapt to the changing world;

Reading ‘Made in Japan’ made me go back to an era where SONY was there at the top. Walkman

What happened to them?
The early walkman’s used Sony’s proprietary ATRAC format, and didn’t adapt MP3. It didn’t support the ubiquitous MP3 codec in their early players and made their users to convert their MP3 music collection to ATRAC3 for use on their Walkman.

In comes iPod, supporting mp3 out of the box, with itunes software.

Don’t frustrate your users is the lesson; adapt quickly; Samsung seems to be doing it well. Product have to adapt really quickly to the changes in the system they inhabit, if you don’t change you dont’ survive, evolution kicks you out

Nokia E series and managing contacts
It was a pain to transfer contacts from one phone to another in the early phones, .nbu format and pc suite did help a bit. then there was nokia transfer between nokia phones. Then there was ovi sync. Each one was better than previous, but what does android do, syncs your contact with your google account and you never lose them

But this is not the only reason, they didn’t give up symbian and continued it till the end;

Why didn’t Nokia join the Android consortium started in 2007, which Samsung and Motorola joined at the very start?