Designed to Deceive – Mobile and Web Dark Patterns

Newsletters – mostly from the brands desperately trying to make a sell have started to put “Re: lorem ipsum ” in the subject of the mailers. Unconsciously, I have clicked on these Re: mails only to close them without reading – knowing that I fell for it one more time.

Is it ethnical to prey on the user’s behavior and make them do the unintended?

Dark Patterns have existed on the web for long. The most common of all is the “Defaults” that user don’t bother to change in their quest to complete the task.

When was the last time you installed a browser plugin when installing another software?




I plan to put more example from the world of mobile in the future. Godaddy, definitely tops my  list. Buying a domain isn’t just searching and paying for it. It is making a conscious decision not to buy the other offers and finding “Skip to checkout” hidden in sides and bottom. The mobile experience is definitely better than the web.

What is the most annoying pattern who have encountered on mobile?

Some from the world of twitter #darkpatterns

Spot the close button

Google has changed the ad positioning in gmail and the ads look like a email in your inbox. Does the advertiser get value from this? Shouldn’t the user make a conscious decision to click on the ad. Atleast, it says with a color tag! – subtle

How many ads are clicked by the users across the globe thinking that its a mail? I would bet its many.

Thanks to google we have a suite of productivity solutions ensuring atleast one tab in your browser that has google products open.  Even die hard Microsoft fans would agree, Google Docs rocks!!

Is this good design or the sinister side of UX practioners?



Read more:

A old article from 2011, will help you understand how it all got started.

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Adtile Motion Ads – Beautiful as a concept!!

For someone who uses Adblock plus to stay away from the annoying ads of the web; this is quite appealing. Why? it would let me do something(very similar to the ads that begin after your hit the target 3 times in a row on web) and the element of instant gratification comes into picture.

I still don’t know if companies have started using the SDK of Adtile to sell their services and products. I see Nike has something like up here;

Are flipboard ads obtrusive? I don’t think, it looks the way ads used to appear on the old age magazines; right in the middle of great articles and the ads are well designed and i’m used to flipping over the next page to continue reading. But i find most of the web ads annoying especially the one on the news websites.

In Aug 2009,, was redesigned by Mario Garcia Jr., of Garcia Media, Tampa. Florida, USA; For sometime, it was a pleasant experience visiting the site. But soon the started putting the first ad right the moment you step into the site (mostly real estate – contextual? locale? yes). Not a great way to greet your visitor.

Online ads have evolved over the years – with yahoo leading the multimedia web ads in the starting years; google focusing on contextual text ads (mining into your search keywords and emails). Mobile ads industry is growing and its future and success would depend upon the personal experience it has to offer than its positioning on the page.
Adtile has truly showed one of the best ways it can be done on mobile – we will surely see more in the future ?

Design Mobile products User Interace

First the flat design and now the colors

Nokia’s response to iPhone 5C
Nokia Lumia






Price of cheaper iPhone 5C would be around INR 40,000 in India. It isn’t cheap exactly. It is most likely that Customers would start to see more powerful processors in competitors handsets. Will Lumia get a boost in sales; This only time will tell. Will the world change to support the 64 bit processor of 5S ? Will this change the way developers would start looking at the Nokia Microsoft?

Design Museum is a simple great app; If you appreciate cool interfaces you will love this one
It’s only available for iPad. Apple’s app ecosystem is the first choice of businesses and developers alike. The promises of Surface tabs being favored by Enterprise due to security seems to have faded away with time. SAP has most of its enterprise mobile suits for Apple devices. Why does SAP prefer iPad and not the open ecosystem of Android?

If history has taught us one thing about mobile market; unlike the movies, if your product doesn’t gather traction in the first 2 weeks its never going to make it big.

Samsung Note 3 with 64 bit processor – Could it be the high end smartphone beast?

iPhone 5C

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Mobile SIMs in Meter boxes – POWER

Yes, Mobile SIMs will be everywhere; even in unimaginable places? Can you think of any?

Yesterday, on the train to Ganiyari, Chattisgarh met Mr.??? Didn’t get his name. working for Easun Reyrolle , leader in the field of electrical power management and learned that he manages a project in Gwalior fitting Power boxes (There must be a better name?, this is a quickpost, will get back to it later) which uses GPRS and updates the consumption to the server. He also added that ‘unlike GSM which only helps pull this data, GPRS pushes the data to the server allowing the power companies to track min-min consumption of individuals, and companies.

The states of Punjab, Uttarkhand, UP have actively been pursuing these power projects replacing the easily tampered power meters of the yester years.On questioning whether Easun Reyrolle is the only manufacturer of these system, he answered no, and that the competition is big.

Proving the point that Mobile SIMs would someday outnumber the world poplulation and we would have mobile UIDs which are present in our everyday devices ACs, Refrigerations, Household Electricals allowing us to control their usage through cool mobile UIs (mostly Android devices, unless Apple brings down its iOS phones).

A year and half back, still in my previous work as Design Researcher for a Research Consulting firm working on a problem ‘Tackling the Power Theft Problem’ for a major Power Company.

A workshopping excercise in the design public conclave gathered teams to come up with ‘New Ideas Around Power theft’
More here:

Concepts for curbing power theft
The teams came up with different solutions [link to the blog post from designpublic here] With one of the ideas to use the image of gods and goddess on the meter to address to the god fearing power thieves; Mobile IDs would be the watch dog of the future, and we may be the world would be spending more to stay away from it.