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Product Design Report – Invision

A great compilation of stats on the role of design in business today. If you are struggling hard to get your organization however small or big to be design-driven this report can help.



GSMA mAgri Design Toolkit

The mAgri Design Toolkit is a collection of instructions, tools, and stories to help develop and scale mobile agriculture products by applying a user-centered design approach.

I started working on the mAgri project as UX Consultant for Dialog mAgri Product, Sri Lanka. The project is live in 6 countries Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ghana and Malawi.

A lot of our learnings have been compiled in this amazing toolkit by GSMA and Frog. The toolkit from GSMA is divided into 6 useful modules – Intro to UCD, Plan, Learn, Create, Develop and Maintain,  and will come handy for  anyone who is working on a mobile product for the BoP. The case studies and tools used go beyond mobile Agriculture.

Happy learning!!


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Adobe Project Comet

Like me, If you had started creating WFs (Wire frames) in Photoshop and then moved on to Visio and eventually end up hating it. Then excited by Axure with powerful interaction capabilities and realising it curtails your creativity. Adobe Comet would be something you would look forward to.


We have all been there. Product managers wanting clickable prototypes for even the most trivial experiences for their product presentation and you trying hard to do get it right just for the day’s dance. Comet looks promising for both the real work and the dance.

I’m waiting for this tool. It is very cool how the screen interactions are connected through wires and are visible on the screen. I can really see how many hours it would save when trying to design complex enterprise solutions which have many different alternate paths.

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Onboarding experience This is a great article on how to go about with the onboarding experience and would be a relevant read for anyone working on new products.

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Tricking Gmail Users to click the ads

Google Ads in Gmail
Google Ads in Gmail

Kudos! The designer who came up with this.

I don’t think tricking the user to click the ad gives the advertiser his money’s worth.


The advertisers would be paying Google either for the clicks or the impressions. PPC or PPI.

If its impressions, the advertiser in this case, Lynda is surely getting value, i couldn’t ignore it at that location. I’m sure it would be the case for many.

But if you are paying for the click, then you are just wasting the money. I might even click it thinking its a mail. But, i’m not going to give you business.

What do the readers think ?