Thirumullaivasal is a fishing village on the coast of Bay of Bengal falling between the port towns, kadalur and Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, India. It has a beautiful beach without any signs of commercialization. It is a peaceful village with old temples and mosques.

It is also the land where my grandfather settled and lived his life. I had recently been to my village in Jan 2013 after 3 years and the following pictures is an attempt to capture the calm and peace of this beautiful village.
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Hi Sathyan:

Your last name Velumani caught my eyes. I am from Thirmullai Vasal and my class mate and friend named Velumani, I remember him very vaguely after nearly 35 years away from Thirumullai Vasal. The name Thirumullai Vasal refreshes lots of fresh memories. I thought it my be relevant to right even if you are not my friends off spring. It is good to hear anything about Thirumullai Vasal. The last time I visited was may be 10 years before…!!

Dear Mr. Rajendran,
Great to hear from you. My father is Velumani Sadasivam and he is from Thirumullaivasal; My native place is Thirumullaivasal and its one of my favorite places in world : ) Will let appa know about your comment.
I was there Jan 2013 with my brother and friends and we had a great time; There are more pictures and videos. Will update soon. Keep in touch.

Sathyan Velumani

Hi Sathyan:

Nice to hear from you… It’s wonderful to see our place and I do love my birth place, Thirumullai vasal. Please, so send post some more picture and video. Tell me about you? Where do you live? where do you work? I do like to hear from you..

Take care and stay in touch.

Rajendran G

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