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  • Google search – be mobile friendly

    Google search changes favour mobile All the more for small businesses to not put off the website revamp and go mobile friendly. For starters, if you decide to q uickly revamp. WordPress would be a beat way forward with plenty of mobile friendly themes on the market. Theme forest and creativemarket are great places […]

  • Will Whatsapp be the only messenger now?

    It’s hard to say. As of today, you need to have the WhatsApp on you mobile phone connected to internet to use the Web app. It means, the web app is¬†paired with the¬†phone app and is not a standalone, yet. How to make it work? You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the […]

  • Twitter – Feeding the modern News

    Disclaimer: I’m no expert in this new found domain where many claim expertise. From 4 member team promising to get you 10,000 followers, Small agencies working on strategies and presentations to show your impact and popular and large agencies handling the entire social media campaigns for large clients and political parties. As credentials, I got […]

  • Adtile Motion Ads – Beautiful as a concept!!

    For someone who uses Adblock plus to stay away from the annoying ads of the web; this is quite appealing. Why? it would let me do something(very similar to the ads that begin after your hit the target 3 times in a row on web) and the element of instant gratification comes into picture. I […]

  • Tricking Gmail Users to click the ads

    Kudos! The designer who came up with this. I don’t think tricking the user to click the ad gives the advertiser his money’s worth. Why? The advertisers would be paying Google either for the clicks or the impressions. PPC or PPI. If its impressions, the advertiser in this case, Lynda is surely getting value, i […]

  • One Terabyte in Flickr ?

    Some Quick thoughts around what this could mean in the future? 1. Will it try to become another social media site around photos? If it does, it will die. 2. Flickr groups are better than fb fan pages. Will it make the groups better. 3. Ads on the side – Trying to remember if flickr […]