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iRadio, successor of GrooveShark?

Grooveshark is one of my favourite destinations on the web to listen to music. Created with adobe flex, it sports an really clear cool UI. It truly doesn’t feel that you are listening to your tunes on the browser.

Jailbroken iOS device has an app
This is not surprising, as the app store guidelines wouldn’t let apps which could have piracy concern. In established markets like US, i believe the music producers gets paid every time a user plays a song on grooveshark.

Grooveshark gets its revenue from ad supported in free version and subscription fee from ad free accounts.

oflate, i have been using their browser based app for touch devices; it is a great experience, one of the few that deliver the promises of HTML5;


Why am i writing about Grooveshark which has been there for a long time now and is well established.
iRadio WWDC 2013 keynote is the reason


iRadio is just another Grooveshark; its the same. I couldn’t see any difference except the potential to kill the latter. This has always happened in the industry for ages; the pioneers of a technology or product losing to the new kid on the block; What’s going to happen to Grooveshark and its likes. Fall is coming!!

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Mobile SIMs in Meter boxes – POWER

Yes, Mobile SIMs will be everywhere; even in unimaginable places? Can you think of any?

Yesterday, on the train to Ganiyari, Chattisgarh met Mr.??? Didn’t get his name. working for Easun Reyrolle , leader in the field of electrical power management and learned that he manages a project in Gwalior fitting Power boxes (There must be a better name?, this is a quickpost, will get back to it later) which uses GPRS and updates the consumption to the server. He also added that ‘unlike GSM which only helps pull this data, GPRS pushes the data to the server allowing the power companies to track min-min consumption of individuals, and companies.

The states of Punjab, Uttarkhand, UP have actively been pursuing these power projects replacing the easily tampered power meters of the yester years.On questioning whether Easun Reyrolle is the only manufacturer of these system, he answered no, and that the competition is big.

Proving the point that Mobile SIMs would someday outnumber the world poplulation and we would have mobile UIDs which are present in our everyday devices ACs, Refrigerations, Household Electricals allowing us to control their usage through cool mobile UIs (mostly Android devices, unless Apple brings down its iOS phones).

A year and half back, still in my previous work as Design Researcher for a Research Consulting firm working on a problem ‘Tackling the Power Theft Problem’ for a major Power Company.

A workshopping excercise in the design public conclave gathered teams to come up with ‘New Ideas Around Power theft’
More here:

Concepts for curbing power theft
The teams came up with different solutions [link to the blog post from designpublic here] With one of the ideas to use the image of gods and goddess on the meter to address to the god fearing power thieves; Mobile IDs would be the watch dog of the future, and we may be the world would be spending more to stay away from it.

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Working Proof

Sunday Market, Jama Masjid

This is what every product or project needs to sell itself.
Better than writing ‘WATER PROOF’ in bold on the package.
What do you think?

Sunday Market, Jama Masjid
Do you believe it now?
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Celebration of Life – Kane Kwai Coffins

Wikitravel has been my favorite site these days having started to travel frequently to new places. I had taken a print out of the entire page on Accra, the capital city of Ghana. One of places mentioned was Kane Kwai Carpentary which me and my colleague Ridhima Jaiswal visited before leaving Accra for Tamale the next day.

We met Mr. Eric the grandson of the famous coffin maker, Kane Kwai who designed coffins starting with a cocoa fruit shaped coffin for one of the tribal chief Interestingly Coco Cola had made a video featuring Eric which tells the story of the coffins

Ghanians celebrate funeral in much of a grandeur and i had the opportunity to see 15 funerals being planned for the same day(3rd Dec 2011) Celebration of life; And Mr. Eric has already built his own coffin for the day. I’ll continue editing this post to add on our conversation with Mr. Eric; But that has to wait.

For now enjoy the video and share them with your friends


First steps in the African soil

This is a dream come true. To be in Africa.

Ghana is no different than India. It seems that you have just come to a different state from your own in India.

3 flight journey for the first time every in 24 hours. New Delhi->Addis Ababa, Ethoipia->Accra, Ghana->Takoradi,Ghana. It was tiring but, it enjoyed every bit of it especially changing time in my wrist watch(better than changing time zone in my mobile phone)

People make a place, a country. Greeting the person next to you is so common here. I’m going to meet more people starting tomorrow morning.

Why am i here in Ghana?

Ethnographic research to understand, Ghana and its people especially with remoteness to infrastruture and other basic amenities; and their mobile



Destination -> Ghana

Writing this first real post in my blog from T3, Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi.  Leaving for field work in Ghana starting today; Planning to update the blog with a photo every single day during my stay in Ghana. It should be a fascinating experience and i’m looking forward to step on the African soil.

Carrying D90 and my tripod; Would share it on my flickr account as well.

To all the future readers of my blog; Welcome!!

Not sure what the blog is going to be in the future; but for the next 20 odd days – It’s going to be GHANA



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