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Why OnePlus 2 is better than Nexus 6P ?

If you are one who was waiting for the launch to decide if you should buy a OnePlus Two or the latest Nexus. It is a simple decision. OnePlus is still pure value for money. In India, its even a simpler choice, get the OnePlus Two; Nexus 6P will not be able to match the price.

549 USD – 389 USD = 160 USD (Approx INR 10400)
What are you really missing?
.2 inch extra screen size which really doesn’t matter much on a huge screen.
150 mAH more battery in Nexus 6P which isn’t significant considering Nexus packs more pixels on the screen and both phones would last a single day.
OS could be a important differentiator, with Nexus launching with the brand new update from Android – 6.0 or marshmellow.

When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts it into a sleep state. So your phone can still set off your alarm in the morning even if you forgot to charge it. Phew! –

Something to be aware of:
Heating issues with Snapdragon 810
Only time will tell if Nexus has overcome the reported issues which OnePlus says have worked with Qualcomm and has solved in OnePlus Two. Bottomline: If you shoot 4K video for long, the phone will heat up.

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Google search – be mobile friendly

Google search changes favour mobile

All the more for small businesses to not put off the website revamp and go mobile friendly.

For starters, if you decide to q uickly revamp. WordPress would be a beat way forward with plenty of mobile friendly themes on the market. Theme forest and creativemarket are great places to start your research.

I have found them to be best way yo kick start a web project.

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Will Whatsapp be the only messenger now?

It’s hard to say. As of today, you need to have the WhatsApp on you mobile phone connected to internet to use the Web app. It means, the web app is paired with the phone app and is not a standalone, yet.

How to make it work?

You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the WhatsApp web client.

  1. Open in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Update you mobile app
  3. On you mobile, Menu -> WhatsApp Web, You will see a QR code — scan the code inside of WhatsApp, and you’re good to go.

I gave it a shot today and it looks promising; Very clean interface.
There are many advantages of an web app over an desktop app

  • No installation
  • Less Distractive – its going to get buried under the tabs and you won’t even realize its there (this can change in time)

He is what my brother had to say about it.
“Don’t have to use hangouts from here on!”
Does many share his views?
Will WhatsApp have a standalone web app? What is the need to connect it to pair it to the mobile?

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Letter to Nokia | Subject: Nokia E72

The Creators of Nokia E72,

This is the best phone i have ever used and keep coming back to it after trying out other phones.
Recently borrowed my brother’s old HTC Sensation to get an hang of Android interfaces. Yes, I’m a UX designer whose bread and butter revolves around knowing the different patterns and components on different apps.

My life with Devices

This HTC is an outdated phone in market but still has more features that E72; Was excited to install Aldiko premium(which i had got for my Samsung Note 8) and read my books when i’m sitting on the throne. It is the only reason why i really prefer a smart phone. Its big display even though the bigger and brightest of them suck more juice out.
In a matter of weeks was bored to have this big device charged all the time.

Couple of days’ back switched back to Nokia E72 as my main phone and using the HTC just as a book reader and to explore apps(to copy some good patterns)

A prophecy:
Today, the world is crazy about dpi and ppi, but we wouldn’t care about it much in the future. An average person uses less than 10 apps in his everyday life. If he uses more than he isn’t an average user and probably spends way too much on the device and needs to install an app that helps watch your usage : ).

Some reasons why Nokia E72 and its likes in the future would rule the mobile world. This would be latest review of E72.
NON INTRUSIVE phone with an amazing battery life.
Its limited feature set is a boon in disguise, it lets you focus on important things in life other than getting everything done on the phone.
Power Saving Mode – To all the modern phones out there, this feature is really cool; It’s a must have and don’t hide this feature deep inside.
Runs most apps not graphic intensive games

Recently realised the GMAIL no longer works on this symbian S60 phone; Suspect google wants you to move us to away from dead(or dying) symbian environment.

I spend all day with phones of different kind. As i write, i have a Samsung S3 charged up, a lenovo tablet running kit kat and iPad 3 in hand to review the design and transition of the designed app.

A pure business phone ? Is there one in market. iPhone and Nexus 5 are expensive options which pack features that i would never use

I haven’t bought any Nokia phone after E72; I would if someone makes that one phone which doesn’t pack features but gives me a device with a very good battery, decent screen (don’t pack pixels), 5 MP camera for documentation(not for photography), a good speaker for calls, noise cancellation would be a bonus.

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3 steps to master the art of copying app experiences

I have been living in Hyderabad since Aug 2013 and have been exposed to different Biryanis. But when it comes to consistency and meeting expectations nothing is as good as ‘Paradise Biryani’.

A colleague of mine ordered Biryani today in the office cafe when i was enjoying the leftovers of yesterday’s biryani for lunch. He got a stale biryani and had to return it. I started wondering why is it hard for the rest of them to copy what Paradise does, after all anyone can buy the affordable biryani and do a bit of digging in to understand what makes Paradise biryani stand out.

I had a realization that this is true when it comes to the world of mobile apps. Cool functionality are hidden behind bad layouts and interactions leading to poor uptake.

As far as apps are concerned, the points below can help you make the most out of good UX out there.

1. Understand the context

When you see a great layout and want to borrow the pattern for your designs understand its not always possible; especially when designing you are design for enterprise solutions where the functionality takes precedence over experience.
Install the app and play around; Understand the context in which it works, know the before and after views. This exercise helps tailor specific layouts to suit your needs.

2. Invest time in building your own pattern library

There are great many mobile patterns on web which can come in handy as reference. It always worth while to put together your own bunch of personal favorites and keep building the same. In time, you will have a personal pattern library to refer to; annotate the screen, write notes. Pinterest can definitely help but, a slide deck or OneNote lets you do more than just putting it up. Annotations are powerful.

3. Animations and transitions – subtle but powerful

Simple animations/transitions can enhance the user experience a great deal. Animations can provide subtle cues to the task at hand.
Example: Do you remember the animation for the ‘Compose’ view in your mail apps?
Most email clients follows the ‘Cover up’ Animation and on completion its ‘reveal down’. This can be borrowed on many enterprise apps where creation follows similar pattern.

Understand Mobile Design is more than great layout.

On a different note, Enterprise solutions can incrementally add complexity to its product line. This may not be possible always, but when you can offer.

Never let

Secondary features hamper primary functionality

Have i missed any points ? Let me know..

We are surrounded by Great Biryani in Hyderabad

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First the flat design and now the colors

Nokia’s response to iPhone 5C
Nokia Lumia






Price of cheaper iPhone 5C would be around INR 40,000 in India. It isn’t cheap exactly. It is most likely that Customers would start to see more powerful processors in competitors handsets. Will Lumia get a boost in sales; This only time will tell. Will the world change to support the 64 bit processor of 5S ? Will this change the way developers would start looking at the Nokia Microsoft?

Design Museum is a simple great app; If you appreciate cool interfaces you will love this one
It’s only available for iPad. Apple’s app ecosystem is the first choice of businesses and developers alike. The promises of Surface tabs being favored by Enterprise due to security seems to have faded away with time. SAP has most of its enterprise mobile suits for Apple devices. Why does SAP prefer iPad and not the open ecosystem of Android?

If history has taught us one thing about mobile market; unlike the movies, if your product doesn’t gather traction in the first 2 weeks its never going to make it big.

Samsung Note 3 with 64 bit processor – Could it be the high end smartphone beast?

iPhone 5C

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Remembering 176 x 208

It was 2007, when i first started and was introduced to the mobile platform at Hexolabs ( At that time, i was working on Symbian devices (Nokia N70, my phone at that time was the test device the games that we built)

176 x 208

. It was the golden era for Nokia, with the largest market share and was doing its best in India.

Later came the days of iPhone, Nexus Phones powered by Android. Enter Samsung. and things have changed a lot since then; I’m still looking at the screen resolution and screen sizes almost everyday at work; As someone who has been working on the small screens, the numbers 176 x 208 has been growing ever since, but i’m still faced with the same situation; What are we designing for? Yes, i understand fluid design is the solution; And there are remains many more questions other that the native or not? Is it better to focus on iOS first and then move to android? Can we use a framework, which lets us package into both worlds? But, the screen resolution is still probably my favorite.

I still remember what Mr. Raja Manohar, Founder Hexolabs interactive used to say even before Nokia lost its market share
“Nokia should focus on one smart phone” or with a single screen size/resolution that would make it easier for app developers to work on. This was the time when the best phones in the market were still Nokia E72 and N90.

Here we are with crazy sizes and resolution; Samsung’s most expensive tablet in market Note 800 has resolution of 1280×800; iPad 3’s resolution 2048-by-1536; Micromax funbook P500 1024 x 600 600??

But can’t stop wondering about the world with a one single screen resolution for a product category; What does it really mean? I don’t fully understand. But, seems things would be lot simpler; right from comparing which phone to buy. What do you guys think?

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The mobile way

Kajal Dutta, is a colleague who cooks food in my office. He also works in a house as a house hold assistant and cook. His boss recently presented him with a used FUjitso Netbook and he wanted me to check if the laptop had any problems. There was no audio but we quickly fixed with installing the audio driver.

But later, Kajal wanted to learn the basics from me. so we started yesterday.
Chapter 1: What are folders? I found it difficult to define a folder for him. But, he got the idea of what a folder is. Later i gave him excercise to create folder, copy and paste files from pendrive to hard drive. There were few hiccups and took a little time to get the idea. Later he said

“Hahh, this is just like the files in mobile naa??” – Kajal Dutta.

Then, i realized the impact of mobile phones and its interface.

I realized also that Mobile phones have destroyed the inhibitions of many people who were thinking that computing were for the educated.

One of my closet friend, Senthil E who is a cab driver in chennai, doesn’t read or write in any language, but has never had problems with using any new phone. When he got his Nokie N72, the initial days he used to come with a lot of questions and always ended up lost in the menu. But, after a few days he was a champ with the phone.

Mobile has truly changed the way we look at things.

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