Category: Experience

  • Manufacturing need through design – Visit to IKEA

    Finally!! It was worth the wait. I had seen the construction of the building for a long time. The branding exercises with the autos were refreshing. All the autos had the IKEA blue. As designers, you understand the value of fonts in design and sometime TYPE is design. But, with IKEA you know it. Stepping […]

  • Letter to Nokia | Subject: Nokia E72

    To The Creators of Nokia E72, This is the best phone i have ever used and keep coming back to it after trying out other phones. Recently borrowed my brother’s old HTC Sensation to get an hang of Android interfaces. Yes, I’m a UX designer whose bread and butter revolves around knowing the different patterns […]

  • Tricking Gmail Users to click the ads

    Kudos! The designer who came up with this. I don’t think tricking the user to click the ad gives the advertiser his money’s worth. Why? The advertisers would be paying Google either for the clicks or the impressions. PPC or PPI. If its impressions, the advertiser in this case, Lynda is surely getting value, i […]

  • Remembering 176 x 208

    It was 2007, when i first started and was introduced to the mobile platform at Hexolabs ( At that time, i was working on Symbian devices (Nokia N70, my phone at that time was the test device the games that we built) 176 x 208 . It was the golden era for Nokia, with the […]

  • Kargi Road Station

    Kargi Road Station, is one of the smallest of the railway stations where the passing train won’t ever stop for more than 2 mins. I was on a visit to the JSS, Ganiyari to understand more about the In Patient Module and CHW(Community Health Worker) module and was on my way to Shivtarai sub-center to […]

  • James Fort Prison

    On 4 Dec 2011, I walked into the James Fort Prison, James Town, Accra, Ghana Little History: James Fort Prison in Accra is almost 400 years old, and was originally built for 200 slaves. It housed over 740 male and female prisoners till the year 2007. Now, the prison is empty with signs of its […]

  • The mobile way

    Kajal Dutta, is a colleague who cooks food in my office. He also works in a house as a house hold assistant and cook. His boss recently presented him with a used FUjitso Netbook and he wanted me to check if the laptop had any problems. There was no audio but we quickly fixed with […]

  • never rush in life

    It was a focused group discussion with young boys and girls who go to the Shama Public School, near the port town of takoradi, Ghana. It was one of the best locations possible for conducting a protocol. An old building on the coast with an amazing view of the sea and the humble homes of […]

  • Shama and the boats

    The day started with a ride from the hotel to Shama along the coast line for the first protocol, a marketing guy from Shama Credit Union of my field work in Ghana. It was also the day of my first boat ride in the sea with a friend fisherman who offered a short trip into […]