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James Fort Prison

On 4 Dec 2011, I walked into the James Fort Prison, James Town, Accra, Ghana

Little History:

James Fort Prison in Accra is almost 400 years old,
and was originally built for 200 slaves. It housed over 740 male and female prisoners till the year 2007.

Now, the prison is empty with signs of its inhabitants in the walls of every cell. Below are some of the pictures and an attempt to tell you the story of what its like to be there when its empty and see all inside

If you had ever wondered, What’s like to walk inside an empty prison? Check the images below or
on Flickr

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Hi Sydney, its been a long time. I was there in 2011. It wasn’t in use when I was there. ,I’m in Kenya now with few Ghanaians. Will check and get back

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