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  • Kandean Illangaiyai – Anuradhapura

    Yal devi, reached Anuradhapura around 12 noon. I took a rick to the Abayagiriya monastery region. Starting with Abayagiriya Dagoba, I covered the most important places in Anuradhapura. The next trip will be the perfect one. Heading to Sigiriya tomorrow. Shri maha bodhi Jetavanarama Dagoba Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Kalkiyudan Payanam (Sri Lanka with Kalki)

    https://www.facebook.com/KandeanIlangaiyai/ Kandean llangaiyai – is a travelogue of Kalki’s visit to Sri lanka which appeared in Ananda Viketan magazine between 5-6-1938 to 2-10-1938. Kalki and Mali started their journey on 15 may 1938, and the pages in this book takes you through the beautiful places and the people they met along. Starting tomorrow I will…