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  • Why OnePlus 2 is better than Nexus 6P ?

    If you are one who was waiting for the launch to decide if you should buy a OnePlus Two or the latest Nexus. It is a simple decision. OnePlus is still pure value for money. In India, its even a simpler choice, get the OnePlus Two; Nexus 6P will not be able to match the […]

  • Trincomalee Trip – திருகோணமலை

    Trincomalee, natural harbour in the north-east of Sri Lanka is an amazing town with beautiful beaches, ancient temples and hot springs. Nelaveli, hosts a lot of tourists and attracted many with the trincolive festival early August. We stayed in a place overlooking anchored ships in the inner harbour and the morning rays meeting the water […]

  • How to easily type in Tamil ?

    Apps needed on your Android mobile device. I use a Samsung Note 8 and finally benefit from the stylus. Google docs Google Handwriting Input app and download your language; Tamil in my case. Create a new document on Google docs app on the tablet Change the keyboard(Change input method in Android) to Google Handwriting Input. You can […]

  • Ola Stories

    It has been the same for years of taking a taxi in different cities in India and ending up with a friendly chat and sometimes great stories. Recent stories have been about ‘Ola’ and ‘taxiforsure’ Ola is killing businesses, I no longer book through my old favorites in chennai – fasttrack, friends taxi. Ola seems […]

  • Google search – be mobile friendly

    Google search changes favour mobile All the more for small businesses to not put off the website revamp and go mobile friendly. For starters, if you decide to q uickly revamp. WordPress would be a beat way forward with plenty of mobile friendly themes on the market. Theme forest and creativemarket are great places […]

  • F1, Dashboards and UX

    The first race of the season is going to start in 10 mins. My IPTV doesn’t have the Star sports HD4 (peo tv in Colombo) and i did what i did back in India. Got a subscription to their f1 for INR 500/year. Before that i went to and registered for the access as […]

  • Will Whatsapp be the only messenger now?

    It’s hard to say. As of today, you need to have the WhatsApp on you mobile phone connected to internet to use the Web app. It means, the web app is paired with the phone app and is not a standalone, yet. How to make it work? You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the […]

  • Kandean Illangaiyai – Anuradhapura

    Yal devi, reached Anuradhapura around 12 noon. I took a rick to the Abayagiriya monastery region. Starting with Abayagiriya Dagoba, I covered the most important places in Anuradhapura. The next trip will be the perfect one. Heading to Sigiriya tomorrow. Shri maha bodhi Jetavanarama Dagoba Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Kalkiyudan Payanam (Sri Lanka with Kalki) Kandean llangaiyai – is a travelogue of Kalki’s visit to Sri lanka which appeared in Ananda Viketan magazine between 5-6-1938 to 2-10-1938. Kalki and Mali started their journey on 15 may 1938, and the pages in this book takes you through the beautiful places and the people they met along. Starting tomorrow I will […]

  • Motion Design: Evolution of transitions

    Over the last year, I have been getting adept with transitions in mobile layouts (mostly to do with Android and iOS enterprise applications). My research started with me referring to Sencha touch kitchen sink and taking cues from the already existing standards set by the basic iOS apps such as the email and calendar. […]

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