Adobe XD vs Invision + Sketch Combo

Adobe has a exclusive mac preview of the much awaited designing + prototyping tool, Adobe Comet (now called Adobe XD). It is light and powerful and would be all that you need to quickly design a prototype for your mobile screens. It won’t replace illustrator or photoshop. You still need illustrator to create the graphics and icons for the app.

Where do I use Adobe XD (Experience Design)
It would be really powerful for the UX designers to sell their ideas without coding. Transitions which help create hierarchy in complex enterprise solutions can be easily created under the prototype tab. The best part of the preview is the ‘Sample file’ which quickly shows you the power of XD. For someone, already familiar with Photoshop/Illustrator, this tool would be a boon.

Today, Invision, the prototyping and testing tool also has an announcement

Silver Flows allows users to define all of the logic and transitions required to create prototypes directly inside the Sketch interface

Craft for sketch and photoshop already brings powerful tools to quickly creating screens.


The combined power of Craft + Silver Flows + Sketch would definitely prove to be a strong alternative to XD. Invision still remains the best tool to crowdsource feedback on interfaces.

As of now, I would definitely give it to Adobe, considering their already successful subscription model. Adobe happens to be one for very few companies which has managed to successfully change their pricing from ‘pay once model’ to subscription.

Update: 28 July 2016

In a recent project, a web app which has a lot of list – >details, add, edit flows. I started with Experience Design. Initially, I used the experience design prototype show it to the team. But, I needed more feedback. I had to switch to invision. Invision rocks as a pure prototyping tool and can use Sketch files.

I moved from XD to Invision to create the screens

Why is Invision + Sketch is better than Experience Design

  1. When you create hotspots, It lets you templates and use it on multiple screens. It is very useful for the primary navigation.
  2. With Sketch its much easier to change the wireframes

Update: 22 Nov 2016

Invision is getting even powerful with its latest update of <inspect/>. This will reduce the need of the complex style guides. Designers can focus on creating the best experience. This requires designer to use Sketch to create the prototype and this needs to be imported

There is one feature in Invision which makes me come back to it again and again. The able to create HOTSPOT template. This is the best feature that saves a lot of time. I remember the days trying to make it happen in Axure RP.








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