Why OnePlus 2 is better than Nexus 6P ?

If you are one who was waiting for the launch to decide if you should buy a OnePlus Two or the latest Nexus. It is a simple decision. OnePlus is still pure value for money. In India, its even a simpler choice, get the OnePlus Two; Nexus 6P will not be able to match the price.

549 USD – 389 USD = 160 USD (Approx INR 10400)
What are you really missing?
.2 inch extra screen size which really doesn’t matter much on a huge screen.
150 mAH more battery in Nexus 6P which isn’t significant considering Nexus packs more pixels on the screen and both phones would last a single day.
OS could be a important differentiator, with Nexus launching with the brand new update from Android – 6.0 or marshmellow.

When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts it into a sleep state. So your phone can still set off your alarm in the morning even if you forgot to charge it. Phew! –

Something to be aware of:
Heating issues with Snapdragon 810
Only time will tell if Nexus has overcome the reported issues which OnePlus says have worked with Qualcomm and has solved in OnePlus Two. Bottomline: If you shoot 4K video for long, the phone will heat up.






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