Ola Stories

It has been the same for years of taking a taxi in different cities in India and ending up with a friendly chat and sometimes great stories.

Recent stories have been about ‘Ola’ and ‘taxiforsure’

Ola is killing businesses, I no longer book through my old favorites in chennai – fasttrack, friends taxi. Ola seems to be doing everything right.
It would be a great case study for anyone trying to come late in an established industry and making a huge impact.

Last week i visited Chennai and used Ola 3 times.

  1. Booked a Cab for someone who had to hurry to the airport and they were very happy with cab coming in 10 mins.- 4 May 2015

  2. Driver from Madhurai – 5 May 2015

It’s been a week since I moved from Madhurai; a friend from Chennai suggested it to me. Got a free phone and app. On peak times i get around INR 100 on every ride from Ola.
Ola charges 12% on every ride.

Kandanchavadi – > NGO colony = INR 140 – I have paid 180 – 200, 3 years back.
He wants to use OLA app for the directions and said he will get a GPS device for

  1. Driver from Dubai – 5 May 2015

I make more than what i made in Dubai; Sunday’s off.

Ford Figo. NGO Colony – > Airport – Paid through Ola money. I didn’t book the cab, my brother did.

Ola is making everyone happy, with their driver incentives such as INR 100 per trip for peak hours. The loyalty factor would help Ola in the long run even when the rates get increased due to pressure from competitors







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