F1, Dashboards and UX

F1 Access web

The first race of the season is going to start in 10 mins. My IPTV doesn’t have the Star sports HD4 (peo tv in Colombo) and i did what i did back in India. Got a subscription to their f1 for INR 500/year.

Before that i went to f1.com and registered for the access as well.. why did i do it? I’m a UX designer and always enjoyed looking at dashboards and analytics data.

Sorts, Groups and Filters.

I spend almost 2 years working on the above designing enterprise applications for Field sales for CPCG domain, Field Services, CRM on Mobile/Tablet devices. There were months at a stretch i worked just on getting these 3 right. Dashboards are a major component for sales exectuvies, the administrators and the business stakeholders. Everybody needs to see different things. Field agents need to see numbers they need to deliver in a day; the admins need to see how the field agents are with their numbers and the stakeholders need the birds eye view of the business in a region,, the cournty or the world as well.

Dashboards are powerful and there are great inspiration out there..  Check out www.f1.com for some entertainment and inspiration






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