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I’m no expert in this new found domain where many claim expertise. From 4 member team promising to get you 10,000 followers, Small agencies working on strategies and presentations to show your impact and popular and large agencies handling the entire social media campaigns for large clients and political parties.

As credentials, I got my @firstname as the twitter handle in the early days.
Did use seesmic desktop and its likes to handle multiple handles for work to promote our offerings, later to realize you have to be on it for 24/7 to make anything happen real.

ACTION ON GROUND + TWITTER IS POWERFUL – As a mantra, if you don’t have anything real happening twitter would just be a waste of time, for many

Twitter (Founded, March 2006) has been around for long for long now and its real value and potential has been tapped by mostly already popular brands, business and personal.

The 2014 Elections in India is likely to the be first one where the powerful of social media was tapped by the parties and its popular leaders. I DON’T AGREE

All the tweets were always consumed by the news hungry media houses echoing the voice of the tweeter. In many cases, these are organized tweets just like the press conference. We have seen many tweets stiring controversies in the past and have been hot news for a few days before the media decided that it has juiced the 140 characters enough.

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s First tweet in Economic Times – Pg 9 May 2014
[Image 1]
Lalu's First Tweet

18 May 2014 – Who follows Modi on Twitter [in the last page of ET sunday magazine]
It followers could shed light in who is going to win, then Modi definitely had more followers than Rahul Gandhi and Arivind Kejriwal.

ENGAGE YOUR USERS – It’s more than just hashtag
BBC’s live shows consume the voices of people in twitter and their facebook page and give some of its users a voice. Twitter has been a POLITICAL TOOL and a CALL FOR HELP seen in Egyptian riots in 2011 and has given voice to millions in the real world letting the world know what the real state is.

HAVE YOUR OWN HASHTAG. It helps in your analysis. To what good, i really don’t know when it comes to elections.
On the big day, 16 May, ET Now had their top news anchors covering the analytics of #elections2014
NDTV has its own hashtag #IndiaDecides2014
AAP had #AlwaysWithAAP

With twitter in mainstream politics and business; the numbers become really important and an individual can spend $49.00/month to track 2 Hashtags and export data for further digging

Followers of AirAisa (I’m one of them) wait for their single tweet of sale when they launch the first flights in India. That is the power of real + tweet.

Twitter, its analytics is powerful only when the business, brand or personal has a real life event surrounding its tweet. Sharing is Caring, but mere retweeting, sharing useful links don’t work in the long run.



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