Letter to Nokia | Subject: Nokia E72

The Creators of Nokia E72,

This is the best phone i have ever used and keep coming back to it after trying out other phones.
Recently borrowed my brother’s old HTC Sensation to get an hang of Android interfaces. Yes, I’m a UX designer whose bread and butter revolves around knowing the different patterns and components on different apps.

My life with Devices

This HTC is an outdated phone in market but still has more features that E72; Was excited to install Aldiko premium(which i had got for my Samsung Note 8) and read my books when i’m sitting on the throne. It is the only reason why i really prefer a smart phone. Its big display even though the bigger and brightest of them suck more juice out.
In a matter of weeks was bored to have this big device charged all the time.

Couple of days’ back switched back to Nokia E72 as my main phone and using the HTC just as a book reader and to explore apps(to copy some good patterns)

A prophecy:
Today, the world is crazy about dpi and ppi, but we wouldn’t care about it much in the future. An average person uses less than 10 apps in his everyday life. If he uses more than he isn’t an average user and probably spends way too much on the device and needs to install an app that helps watch your usage : ).

Some reasons why Nokia E72 and its likes in the future would rule the mobile world. This would be latest review of E72.
NON INTRUSIVE phone with an amazing battery life.
Its limited feature set is a boon in disguise, it lets you focus on important things in life other than getting everything done on the phone.
Power Saving Mode – To all the modern phones out there, this feature is really cool; It’s a must have and don’t hide this feature deep inside.
Runs most apps not graphic intensive games

Recently realised the GMAIL no longer works on this symbian S60 phone; Suspect google wants you to move us to away from dead(or dying) symbian environment.

I spend all day with phones of different kind. As i write, i have a Samsung S3 charged up, a lenovo tablet running kit kat and iPad 3 in hand to review the design and transition of the designed app.

A pure business phone ? Is there one in market. iPhone and Nexus 5 are expensive options which pack features that i would never use

I haven’t bought any Nokia phone after E72; I would if someone makes that one phone which doesn’t pack features but gives me a device with a very good battery, decent screen (don’t pack pixels), 5 MP camera for documentation(not for photography), a good speaker for calls, noise cancellation would be a bonus.



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  1. SinaTheGreat Avatar

    Use Profimail for IMAP access to Gmail.
    E72 rulez!

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