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Mobile TV
The formula one season started with a very different both for the sport and me as its viewer. I had subscribed to the day’s sporting events on star sports.

Installed star sports app on my Indian version of Samsung note 8. It was an experience; both the replace and the app. Which is likely to change my TV forever.  I only pay for days TV  now.

Yesterday,  it was the match between Chelsea and arsenal, which was quite an entertainment.  What I missed was the time line which was populated with the key moments of the sport.  It is really useful and was available for the formula  one with the overtakes and crashes on the timeline.

I had to switch to the laptop for the timeline for yesterday’s game.


Being a designer working on enterprise app lately,  this makes me realize how a single feature defines the entire experience and why it very important to talk to the user to know what it is.






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