Coracle Ride in Tungabhadra River

In Dec 2013, i gifted myself a GoPro Hero 3+ and got it in hand in Feb 2014. Now, i’m slowly learning to make the best out of the same.

Early learnings with GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

1. Finger on the view

This is the reason for the zoomed in edit of many of the frames.

2. Start and Stop without the wifi

I’m not sure if this would be a mistake, the wifi sucks up a lot of juice and it was better to turn it ON and OFF directly. Sometimes, you end up shooting more thinking that you had turned it OFF. I would like to think that it is not safe to do it as well while driving. Need to check the Wifi and see how much it sucks up the battery.

3. Battery life – You need a extra battery

As awesome as it is as a camera, the battery is a dud. Carrying an battery pack would also help (which is what i manage with now)

4. Edit while you Shoot

This is the best way to do it or otherwise you will end up with a lot of HQ space swallowing footage which you wouldn’t want to get rid off. This is a hard learned lesson even with my Nikon D90. My first trip outside India was Malaysia in 2011 and i’m yet to sort out the best images.
‘Don’t shoot what you don’t need’
‘Delete on the camera’
With GoPro it is not possible to do the 2nd, but follow the 1st; would be really helpful.

Comments on the editing and the footage are really welcome!






4 responses to “Coracle Ride in Tungabhadra River”

  1. Grace Avatar

    Some parts of the video would be really great with music in the background! (if possible?) to help set the mood.

    1. sathyan Avatar

      Yes, totally!!
      why don’t you help create a background for the same?

      1. Grace Avatar

        hmmm…well, what was your mood in this video? relaxed? excited? adventurous? ….

        1. sathyan Avatar

          Excited… And a little adventurous..

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