Hoppr in Hauz Khas Village

A friends marriage in Kanpur brought me to Delhi again which is seeing the last days of winter; it is nostalgic to take a ‘traffic police taxi’ from Airport to Hauz Khas Village passing through Mahipalpur where I got my Bullet 350;

The taxi stops before the barricade at Hauz Khas Village and you see the regular buzz of friday with Expensive cars getting special privileges to go into the village while the others are queued up for parking; It is here you see the Hoppr team getting ready for action.

  1. Colorful app hoarding
    Norman’s 1st level of cognitive processing – Visceral;
    Perfect to the book that’s what you see here
    3_Hauz Khas Village inside
  2. The breakfast with Hoppr in New York Slice
    A friend and me decide to grab a quick breakfast and enter the closed alley trying to find the elma’s cafe; later realizing it is closed and has been moved to somewhere lese in the village. We head to the place where baggle’s cafe used to find ‘New York slice’ offering a slice for INR 69.

E72_hopprWe order a grilled chicken sandwich and surely one of the best in a long time and at the bill time, the waiter brings an android tab for my Name, Mobile number with a optional email address.

I get a SMS from Hoppr with a link, neatly opening a colorful WAP site(still using a Symbian S60 phone) which takes my mobile no. as User id and shows me the future offers

I look out of the glass pane and again see the Hoarding at the junction to the inner galli which takes you to the ‘red building’
1_View from New York slice
3. Paint in Red
By this time, the Hoppr team have their other act going on with two of them distributing a smaller version of the card at the barricade and handing over red color and a paint brush;
2_Paint in Red
Further down the lane you find a big board with a lot of colors; Hoppr is in your head by this time.
4. Local is ‘Kalakal'(Tamil word for ‘Best! Super’)
See the ad.. Village..
This is targeting. Hauz Khas Village, for those who haven’t been there has a lot of restaurants that target the hippie, artistic, the urban, trendy souls of Delhi..

Kudos to the Creative team behind this campaign and its creators
Y2CF Digital Media Ltd





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