Adtile Motion Ads – Beautiful as a concept!!

For someone who uses Adblock plus to stay away from the annoying ads of the web; this is quite appealing. Why? it would let me do something(very similar to the ads that begin after your hit the target 3 times in a row on web) and the element of instant gratification comes into picture.

I still don’t know if companies have started using the SDK of Adtile to sell their services and products. I see Nike has something like up here;

Are flipboard ads obtrusive? I don’t think, it looks the way ads used to appear on the old age magazines; right in the middle of great articles and the ads are well designed and i’m used to flipping over the next page to continue reading. But i find most of the web ads annoying especially the one on the news websites.

In Aug 2009,, was redesigned by Mario Garcia Jr., of Garcia Media, Tampa. Florida, USA; For sometime, it was a pleasant experience visiting the site. But soon the started putting the first ad right the moment you step into the site (mostly real estate – contextual? locale? yes). Not a great way to greet your visitor.

Online ads have evolved over the years – with yahoo leading the multimedia web ads in the starting years; google focusing on contextual text ads (mining into your search keywords and emails). Mobile ads industry is growing and its future and success would depend upon the personal experience it has to offer than its positioning on the page.
Adtile has truly showed one of the best ways it can be done on mobile – we will surely see more in the future ?






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