First the flat design and now the colors

Nokia’s response to iPhone 5C
Nokia Lumia






Price of cheaper iPhone 5C would be around INR 40,000 in India. It isn’t cheap exactly. It is most likely that Customers would start to see more powerful processors in competitors handsets. Will Lumia get a boost in sales; This only time will tell. Will the world change to support the 64 bit processor of 5S ? Will this change the way developers would start looking at the Nokia Microsoft?

Design Museum is a simple great app; If you appreciate cool interfaces you will love this one
It’s only available for iPad. Apple’s app ecosystem is the first choice of businesses and developers alike. The promises of Surface tabs being favored by Enterprise due to security seems to have faded away with time. SAP has most of its enterprise mobile suits for Apple devices. Why does SAP prefer iPad and not the open ecosystem of Android?

If history has taught us one thing about mobile market; unlike the movies, if your product doesn’t gather traction in the first 2 weeks its never going to make it big.

Samsung Note 3 with 64 bit processor – Could it be the high end smartphone beast?

iPhone 5C



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