Remembering 176 x 208

It was 2007, when i first started and was introduced to the mobile platform at Hexolabs ( At that time, i was working on Symbian devices (Nokia N70, my phone at that time was the test device the games that we built)

176 x 208

. It was the golden era for Nokia, with the largest market share and was doing its best in India.

Later came the days of iPhone, Nexus Phones powered by Android. Enter Samsung. and things have changed a lot since then; I’m still looking at the screen resolution and screen sizes almost everyday at work; As someone who has been working on the small screens, the numbers 176 x 208 has been growing ever since, but i’m still faced with the same situation; What are we designing for? Yes, i understand fluid design is the solution; And there are remains many more questions other that the native or not? Is it better to focus on iOS first and then move to android? Can we use a framework, which lets us package into both worlds? But, the screen resolution is still probably my favorite.

I still remember what Mr. Raja Manohar, Founder Hexolabs interactive used to say even before Nokia lost its market share
“Nokia should focus on one smart phone” or with a single screen size/resolution that would make it easier for app developers to work on. This was the time when the best phones in the market were still Nokia E72 and N90.

Here we are with crazy sizes and resolution; Samsung’s most expensive tablet in market Note 800 has resolution of 1280×800; iPad 3’s resolution 2048-by-1536; Micromax funbook P500 1024 x 600 600??

But can’t stop wondering about the world with a one single screen resolution for a product category; What does it really mean? I don’t fully understand. But, seems things would be lot simpler; right from comparing which phone to buy. What do you guys think?



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