Learning with interactions – US Election 2012 and nytimes.com

Web experience has been changing, and it has been proved again and again that we learn more when we interact with the information. With Windows 8 and the cheaper touch technologies it is not hard to imagine that we would be interacting with every single on screen element on a web page.

For someone, like me in India who doesn’t even know about electrol votes, swing states, where florida is in US
www.nytimes.com changed everything with the amazing interactive infographics of the presidential election 2012
Here are the screen shots below;

The most impressive part of the who interaction was the SCENARIO; during the process of counting, it let the users to select the scenario of the democras/republicans winning a state and seeing the way in which it would turn the election. Thank you, creators of the interactions, it is one of my best web learning experience. Learning with Interactions

Lately, i have been learning the basics of Java again through ‘Karel learns to program java’ – CS106A –
programming methodologies class online. I’m more interested than i was when i was learning it in college during my bachelor’s. Flash certainly did change the way we look at information; letting the users interact with the information.

It is exciting to imagine the possibilities of gestures and the possibilities of interactions with information beyond the realms of Mobiles and desktop computers.





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