Shama and the boats

The day started with a ride from the hotel to Shama along the coast line for the first protocol, a marketing guy from Shama Credit Union of my field work in Ghana.

It was also the day of my first boat ride in the sea with a friend fisherman who offered a short trip into the sea and to the port from the place where he put the days catch; The fishermen venture into the sea for 4 days and return with their catch; its mostly sword fish that they catch, but dolphins do get into their nets. A dolphin would be sold GHC 60(INR 1800) and the meat is considered a delicacy. Women are not taken to the sea and they help the men with weaving nets; The children mostly boys help unload the catch when their family reach the shore; It is inauspicious to bring a turtle to the shore. The fishermen call their regular customers to the harbor when nearing the coast and the men and women from the nearby town gather before they reach the shore. The size of the fish is measured and the rates are fixed. Light fishing is quite a common practice; it is the practice of putting a glowing light into the ocean. The fishes are attracted to the bright light and they gather around the light and become an easy catch for the fishermen. I have had a similar experience of fishing in the night in one of the rivers in summer when the water level is low in Tamil Nadu, India.


  • Tyre tube
  • A cylindrical basket which is open in both sides.


The men light up the tyres; the fish stops moving and they put the basket around it and put their hand into the basket and catch the fish. In Ghana, its the glorified version where the fishermen use battery powered lights off the shore.

More coming on the Ghanian food, its people and my experience in the rich African soil!!



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